Our goal has never been to bring the people of Albany to church, but rather, to bring the church to the people of Albany. Hub Communities are the way we accomplish this.

Hub Communities are smaller gatherings of 10 to 20 people meeting in homes all throughout our city, all throughout the week. It is kind of like a family who meets together regularly to share life deeply. You don’t have to believe what we believe or think how we think to be a part. Simply come as you are with your questions, doubts, convictions, baggage, and an appetite. Each week we eat a meal together, but other than that, we tend to change things up. We may spend the evening wrestling with a passage from the Bible. Sometimes we will have discussions about life and faith. We might throw a party. Regularly, we spend evenings serving our city or our neighborhoods together. Whatever we are doing, we are all about relationships – our relationships with God, our relationships with one another, and our relationships with Albany. We want to grow in these relationships, and we believe that this is a central piece of discipleship (becoming more like Jesus).

Jesus told his followers, “Go and make disciples,” and we take that command seriously. Here’s the deal: this happens better in circles than it does in rows. Whether eating, praying, reading, debating, listening, sharing, partying, serving, or whatever else we may do in a Hub Community, we believe these communities are the truest form of what Jesus has called us to, and thus, they are a vital expression of our church.

So consider yourself invited to dive in to a Hub Community with us. Fill out the form below if you have interest and one of our leaders will contact you.

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